“Partners in Art!” Ting Internet partners with Atlanta based company to create arts partnership in Charlottesville, VA

March 1, 2021 {Atlanta, GA} – ComfiArt is proud to announce its latest partnership with Ting Internet—a leading fiber internet provider across the U.S.—to spearhead a pilot project in Charlottesville, Va., where ComfiArt will work with local artists to create original artwork  that will be featured in Ting's Welcome boxes and swag that will be available for purchase with proceeds benefiting local charities

With over a dozen markets across the country, Ting Internet is committed to improving the communities it serves by supporting and championing local good works. The company’s values closely align with those of ComfiArt, which provides artists with business and networking opportunities through e-commerce, community membership, events and strategic partnerships.

“It is exciting to work with such a mission-oriented company. Not only do we get to connect them with local artists, but we also have the opportunity to develop community projects. We are looking forward to helping create more opportunities for artists to connect with Ting and the communities they serve,'' said Dionna Collins, Founder of ComfiArt.

ComfiArt has developed an artist's call that opens on Mar 01, 2022. More information on the community art project will be available at www.comfiart.com. To apply for the Ting call for artist please visit tinginternet.com/artistcall

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