The King Effect

A plant-based dairy beyond all plant-based dairies

A dynamic conversation and Art Auction by ComfiArt about continuing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King through advocacy. Hear from the artists sharing their perspectives on continuing the dream.

Our consumer and category research indicated that the plant-based dairy category had transferred into what we started calling, the ‘third wave’.  The category was going mainstream and the audience profile was changing from niche health conscious and/or sustainability-minded leaders to consumers in transition.  Consumers, less interested in advocacy, but actively seeking ways to integrate more plant-based products into their diets. High switching activity indicated an opportunity for new brands to win big on taste.

Our challenge?  PLANTFOLK needed to be accessible to this emerging, larger ‘transitioning’ consumer audience.  Targeting these consumers, we created a credible name, a fresh voice and an impactful brand expression.  Tapping the founder’s generational knowledge of farming, distribution, consumer needs, and retail channels provided a great foundation for this young challenger brand.  Our joyful brand personality is inherent in our name and tagline and reinforced in all of our messages and visual cues.



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