From The Museum of Fine Arts to The High Museum, I’ve learned that art can come in many forms. Last December, I took some time to take my daughter, Madison to see Ruth Carter's exhibit at ScadFash in Atlanta, GA. The plan was to just view one of my favorite costume designers’ work and have my daughter experience something that I as an adult have never seen before… a completed collection of a Black woman’s work in a museum.

Coming up as a child and living in Boston, Massachusetts my mom understood the importance of nurturing creativity, she encouraged me to think outside the box and explore my wildest imagination. I could often be found doodling inside my notebook, frequently inspired by the richness of art so my mother enrolled me into pottery and art classes. For two years, I became immersed in understanding my passion for art and these were the impactful moments that would create the foundation for greater aspirations and bolder dreams.

Now as a mom, I look back to those days as I look at my daughter and see her creativity flow with excitement. To see her eye grow big as she looked at Mrs. Carter’s work of Black Panther, (Wakanda Forever) fills me up with joy and gratitude. Is this what a proud parent feels like? As we walk through the exhibit Madison was able to sit and sketch her favorite costumes from the historic movie. We were also able to view a digital catalog of Mrs’ Carter’s work from Doing The Right Thang, Dolemite Is My Name, Shaft, Amistad, Roots, and many more. This is exactly what I love to do, which also translates to the artists the I work with within ComfiArt.

ComfiArt was build to build up artists that don’t get that opportunity to shine and are not able to get in space they are usually not able to get into. A community that pushes you and supports you not just sells your art. 

So whenever you get a chance go check out Ruth Carters’ exhibit at ScadFash in Atlanta, Georgia, and join our community, connect with us on all social platforms.