ComfiArt brings cutting-edge programming, professional development, and collaboration opportunities to the creative arts community in Atlanta, GA

ComfiArt is one of the most dynamic and empowering forces within the creative arts industry. Uniquely positioned to amplify and support visual artists through brand development, authentic partnerships, B2B, and e-commerce, we’ve built a vibrant and diverse network. 

Our Approach

We are dedicated to advancing and supporting our creative community through valuable opportunities including:

  • Workshops and events to create an avenue for them to showcase their work to new audiences. During these events, artists can talk about their processes, share ideas, get input, and collaborate with fellow artists. 
  • Educational resources through our membership programs. These programs teach artists everything from digital marketing to brand development. 
  • Platforms that allow artists to leverage creativity, style, and culture to create great products and gain long-term financial benefits. 
  • An e-commerce platform to earn a commission on original art and unique collections of products.
  • Collaborative partnerships that result in innovative commercial opportunities for the artists and brands within our rapidly growing network.


Our ComfiCommunity provides a platform where artists can flourish, develop their professional brand, monetize their work, and partner with brands and other artists within our growing network.

By joining ComfiArt’s vibrant arts community, artists have access to unique opportunities such as signature workshops, experiential events, product development, and marketing campaigns. 

The ComfiArt Community is also a treasure trove of information and resources. Apart from being integral in helping artists build community, create networks, and develop their brand, this community is a source of valuable expertise on the business behind the industry. 

Members of our community have access to a wide range of benefits including but not limited to: 

  • Exclusive content and downloadable resources
  • Virtual networking sessions
  • Coaching sessions with our founder, Dionna Collins
  • Early access to all ComfiArt events

Ready to learn more and join our thriving community of visionary artists? To become a member, choose a plan and join us today!

Design & Muse

Design & Muse is ComfiArt’s signature program. (WaitList IS NOW OPEN!)

During this 9-month program, artists create original artwork to be transformed into wearable art and more, for purchase on the ComfiArt e-commerce platform. Our creative arts business experts also teach business skills by providing relevant information on branding, social analytics, and best business practices plus tools and tricks to help them make a living.

Design & Muse Program Application: 
Looking for an opportunity to showcase your art and increase your business knowledge?

Authentic Brand Partnerhips

The most powerful brands in the world have worked with visual artists for decades to help establish brand identity, awareness, and meaningful connections that resonate with consumers. 

ComfiArt specializes in connecting brands with fresh, innovative, and emerging artists. Since our inception, ComfiArt has reached over 2,000 artists and has facilitated innovative collaborations between rising artists and dynamic brands like Power Haus Creative.  
Artist and brand collaborations present an amazing opportunity to engage audiences through original and innovative experiences. These partnerships are also a great way for brands to incorporate the creativity brought by visual artists into their strategic marketing and engagement initiatives and for visual artists to promote their work while gaining financial benefits.

Business to Business

ComfiArt offers valuable business solutions to artists seeking to grow their talents into full-fledged businesses.

With our years of experience and first-hand knowledge, we provide marketing and branding services including but not limited to; social media management, email marketing, brand strategy, and development. Our team has a proven track record of excellence in helping artists find business success.