The ComfiBizz Cohort is an exclusive program designed to equip visual artists and creatives with the knowledge and skills needed to establish and manage successful creative businesses. Through a comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, we empower artists to navigate the business side of the industry and unlock their full potential.

Welcome to the ComfiBizz Cohort: Empowering Artists to Thrive in the Creative Business World!

About ComfiBizz :

ComfiBizz Cohort is a transformative online learning experience tailored specifically for artists and creatives. With a focus on practicality and real-world application, this program covers essential topics such as financial management, marketing and promotion, personal branding, pricing strategies, negotiation skills, contract management, and more. Our goal is to empower you with the business acumen necessary to thrive in the competitive creative industry.

What the Program Offers:

Through a combination of engaging video lessons, interactive exercises, live discussions, and personalized feedback, the ComfiBizz Cohort provides a comprehensive learning journey. Gain invaluable insights from experienced industry professionals, connect with a supportive community of like-minded artists, and access exclusive resources to elevate your creative business to new heights.

What You
Will Gain:

By joining the ComfiBizz Cohort, you will:
1. Develop a solid foundation in business principles tailored to the creative industry.
2. Learn practical strategies to effectively manage your finances and maximize profitability.
3. Gain the skills to create compelling marketing and branding strategies that resonate with your target audience.
4. Acquire negotiation and contract management skills to confidently collaborate with clients and partners.
5. Build a professional network of fellow artists, mentors, and industry experts.
6. Receive ongoing support and guidance from our dedicated team throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Submission Process

Who Should Apply?
ComfiBizz Cohort is open to visual artists and creatives of all levels who are passionate about turning their creative talents into successful businesses. Whether you're just starting out or looking to level up your existing venture, this program is tailored to meet your specific needs and propel your creative career forward.

• May 3, 2024: Application opens
• May 31, 2024: Deadline for applications
• June 1 - June 8,2024: Invitations Sent
• June 10, 2024: Start of ComfiBizz
• August 26, 2024: End of ComfiBizz

Cohort Fees:
Through the support of our generous donors, we are able to subsidize most of our actual costs to deliver the Accelerator. Fellows routinely rate the program as delivering exceptional value and impact.

The investment for the ComfiBizz Cohort is $1000. This fee covers the comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction, personalized feedback, access to exclusive resources, and ongoing support throughout the program.

Ready to Take Your Creative Business
to the Next Level?

Apply now to secure your spot in the upcoming ComfiBizz Cohort. Don't miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and community support you need to thrive as a creative entrepreneur. Join us and unlock your potential!


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