United Way of Greater Atlanta Partners with ComfiArt to Promote Equity and Community Enrichment

Atlanta, GA - February 10, 2023 – United Way of Greater Atlanta proudly announces its partnership with ComfiArt, a visionary platform founded by Dionna Collins in 2016, dedicated to empowering artists, particularly those of color, to monetize their work. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to promoting equity and community enrichment through financial stability.

A recent study published by the Public Library of Science revealed that 85 percent of artists featured in museums across the United States are white, highlighting the urgent need for initiatives like ComfiArt. "I want to see not just me and ComfiArt, but also my artists grow," says Collins, emphasizing the collective vision driving their mission.

Renowned artists Yuzly Mathurin and Marryam Moma have played instrumental roles in this partnership by creating exclusive designs for one-of-a-kind United Way merchandise. These designs encapsulate the essence of Greater Atlanta's vibrant community and its promise for a more equitable future.

Mathurin, known for her vibrant murals showcased in Poncey-Highland, depicted the dynamic spirit of Atlanta through her digital mural featuring two women in Piedmont Park. Reflecting on her involvement, Mathurin expressed her deep connection with United Way, underscoring the significance of this collaboration in spreading awareness about its vital services.

Moma, a talented collage artist from Tanzania and Nigeria, crafted a captivating cityscape representing the 13 counties of Greater Atlanta. Her work envisions a community united in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. "My collage is really centered around this Eden of community," says Moma, highlighting the collective effort required to realize this vision.

The unveiling of Mathurin and Moma's designs took place at Artfully United, an engaging event hosted at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Esteemed speakers, including Mayor Andre Dickens, emphasized the transformative power of collaboration in fostering a thriving community.

Mayor Dickens remarked, "Atlanta is a group project. Everyone has to put in on this group project." He commended the contributions of artists and small business owners in beautifying the city while praising United Way's commitment to scaling initiatives that benefit both businesses and communities.

The ComfiArt United Way collection offers a range of products, including unisex hoodies, blankets, leggings, and phone cases, each adorned with Mathurin and Moma's inspiring designs. Proceeds from every sale contribute to the Child Well-Being Mission Fund, further amplifying the impact of this partnership.

"We believe in the power of wearable art to convey messages and spark conversations," says Moma. "This collection tells a story of hope and unity, inviting everyone to be part of the solution."

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