“I don’t believe that what I have and what I do is some gift given from God or this is something that’s in my blood or that talent is just something that’s innate. I believe that I just decided I wanted to do something and I just worked to do it.”

Few people have the consistent radiance that George F. Baker III (don’t forget to say the 3rd), exudes. His art reflects that radiance as it exhibits playful imagery and a bright pallet that keeps the inner child alive. As 2020 has hit everyone differently, George was reminded that, “you can’t predict what’s going to happen.” With that understanding, he realized that this year was all about growth.

As a social butterfly, George F. Baker III had to find inspiration differently as he admittedly gets a lot of energy from being around others. Having to switch his process to stay creative and produce consistently was a requirement. The year began as a standstill with no work until June, but he has been consistently booked since then.

“I’m thankful that even with everything going on, I’m still doing my best to make something out of it,” said George as he reminisced over his journey. He admittedly didn’t see any of this happening. He just wanted to draw. After deciding to quit his day job at Danger Press in 2018, he was offered an opportunity to try his hand at a mural. “I looked it up on Google, ‘how to be a muralist,’” and his creative career took a turn for the better.

George’s belief is that, “there really is no limits on the type of person you want to be, the type of job you’d like to have, even the things you dream to create. There’s no limit on anything.”

When asked what he hopes to leave behind with his work and legacy, George F. Baker III responded with full enthusiasm. He stated, “the main thing that I want to leave is that you can create whatever the hell you want to be. You can change whoever you are at any point in your life. All you really have to do is want to do it and the world will honestly get out of your way and provide you whatever path that you need if you desire it and work for it. It's that simple.”

It might sound a bit too simple, but it’s George’s way of life. Understanding that he wouldn’t be in his position if he would not have made a choice to be open to the possibilities.

“All it takes is a decision at the end of the day to just create what you want.”