Juneteenth NY organization requested sponsorship deck, promotional collateral, and website services to revitalize their brand for the 2021 Juneteenth NY Summit.

After enhancing their promotional collateral for their event, the lead organizer and co-founder Athenia Rodney realized their website also needed to be updated. After performing an audit on the current website to determine necessary adjustments, we decided to go with an African/Indigenous tribal theme with the color palette on the site signifying the Black Heritage traditional colors: black, red, green, yellow. User experience, look and feel, and SEO was the key concerns for upgrading this website.

The Challenge:

Heading into their twelfth year hosting their annual summit, the Juneteenth NY organization came to ComfiArt for creative branding and website design. The organization felt they had outgrown their website and marketing collateral and were looking to modernize their brand to attract more audience and registrants for the event.

The website needed to be fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices while SEO optimized. The website was not mobile friendly, the layout did not include a defined visual theme or hierarchy divided in sections to distinguish the content.  The navigation for users was a challenge to immediately perform a task/call to action such as purchase products or register for specific features at the event.

For creative branding, promotional materials were designed for the upcoming event sticking with the traditional black heritage color scheme to stay on brand. In addition, a sponsorship deck was redesigned that lacked a visually appealing theme,  clear brand messaging or market research for specific target audience and was copy heavy.

The Solution:

ComfiArt worked with the client to refresh the website design giving it a modern new aesthetic that reflect quality, structure, and elegance.  To enhance the user experience, the homepage was divided into sections based on colors and tribal designs for ease in navigation, the content on the site was condensed into bite size format making the information on the site easy for viewers to digest and quickly explore to discover more on a separate page. With over 30+ sponsors and vendors, the logos displayed were modified from a list of static images on the home page, to an auto play scroll navigation and a separate sponsor and vendor page was designed to decrease scroll time on the homepage.  SEO was updated and as a result "Juneteenth NY" ranked #1 in Google Search allowing a prominent network to discover the site upon which a media partnership was offered.

The bright Black Heritage themed colors paired well with the sponsorship deck giving it a vibrant enhanced modern look with the tribal designs subtly placed in the background as accents. Market research was conducted to show the potential sponsor the market value of audience, with a nicely one-page structured chart that include all price packages for sponsors to easily identify which package to choose from.

Key Takeaway

The key takeaways when designing a website and collateral such as a sponsorship deck, are to lead your design with consistency in visual aesthetics, colors, typography, high quality pictures and videos, stay on brand with clear messaging, simplicity, and in addition specific to the website its functionality for ease in navigating, and optimize your site for search, mobile, and social media.    



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