ComfiArt is taking you to the ComfiZone, our blog series where our Chief Executive Officer interviews extraordinary creatives about their life as a creator and beyond. Next up is artist, Thomas Higgins.

CA: Hello Thomas, so glad that you took some time with us to talk in the ComfiZone with ComfiArt. Tell me a little about yourself.

TH: Tom Davii, originally from West Point Georgia but has found Atlanta as my resting place. I’m a young illustrator on the search for something that has been long forgotten; longevity! I create from my life experiences, so my imagination is unlimited and the passion that I have for this skill is enormous. Waking up every day is my inspiration to create, so every day I have a new memory to express on paper.


CA: What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

TH: Playing video games with friends every day after school. This was major to me because my family couldn’t afford super Nintendo’s at that time, so I would go home with inspiration from playing Mortal Kombat and draw the characters, this where it all started for me.

CA: What is art to you?

TH: Art is different forever individual. it’s a trick question honestly. For me? Art is therapy. Art helps me heal, laugh, and learn these things is what connects us to you. That’s why it’s so special because we can always connect to someone.

Tom Davii

CA: What song inspires you?

TH: I honestly only hear the beat when I’m creating, so the music I listen to is a lot of Kanye, Kid Cudi and now Jaden Smith. A weird mix I know. I love a smooth beat with a dope lyrical content.

CA: What superpower would you have and why?

TH: A teleporter! Freedom of travel and none existence. I love to travel and see unique scenery, eat unique foods to gain more inspiration.. if I could do this for free, there’s no telling what my creativity level will be on.

CA: Name two artists you’d like to collaborate with.

TH: Kaws and Kanye.. two unique artists in there own realms and paved the way for many artists like myself.

Tom Davii

CA: Professionally, what’s your goal?

TH: To be a fine artist. Build my brand where I’m collaborating with sneaker brands, Clothing-lines, and allowing my collection of art to travel from museum to museum. To be in the history books for creating something fresh and unique with a marker for my weapon of choice. My ultimate goal is to create a legacy, to be remembered

CA: What object or tool you use the most that you can’t live without?

TH: I guess my right arm and vision. It’ll be a major setback but I’ll still find a way to create. I can never stop illustrating, it’s in my DNA.

Tom Davii

CA: What is your dream project?

TH: So many to choose from. Well, one of my dreams is to design the cover of Time magazine, illustrate a president for the White House, or to even have an exhibit at the high museum. I’m always daydreaming. I mean I would even love to open a gallery to teach individuals who seek knowledge about this business.. dream on

CA: Thank you again for share your story with In the ComfiZone. You can find Thomas Higgins on Instagram @tomdavii